Email Click-Through Rat

Getting your email newsletter opened and read is the name of the game, especially in this tight advertising market. Advertisers want to know more than just how many people your email newsletter was sent to, they want to know how many opened it (open rate) and how many interacted with it (click-through rate, or CTR).  The click-through ratio of your email newsletter comes into play after the bulletin has been opened. If you have achieved a good open-rate, you should now aim at a high click-though ratio, which is the ratio of people clicking the ad to that opening the email.

A high click-through rate does not assure a good conversion rate, and the two rates may even share an inverse relationship. An advertisement geared towards curiosity clicks will result in fewer sales, percentage-wise, than an advertisement geared towards qualified clicks.

To increase your click through rate, take notice of these tips:

    * Give your letter a distinctive personality. Add a brief opening at the top, a personal note from the editor that will build a relationship.
    * Your newsletter should be friendly, bear a sense of humor but at the same time be kept formal and professional.
    * Talk about the advantages and benefits that are obtained from your newsletter. Underline an article or two that are the most important, explain what you’re providing the readers that they won’t get elsewhere, and tell them what the benefit will be.
    * Include important events, new products or any other new things to interested the subscriber to read the newsletter.
    * Keep it short. No more than two to three sentences, just enough to get them interested and pull them in to read the rest of your email newsletter by clicking your links.
    * Keep it fresh. Do not use the same standard wordings for every issue of your newsletter.If you use the same generic language repeatedly, people will stop reading it and it’ll be a waste of your time.
    * Don’t forget to place the link to your website throughout the Email. Use words like ?click here? to grab their attention. Also using hyperlink words, words the reader can click on and be redirected.
    * Use emotionally charged words. Use touching words such as ?sumptuous?, “fairy”, “astonishing”.
    * Use Credibility Words. Some credibility words include: official, guarantee, certified, authorized, genuine, and authentic.
    * Use Action Words Use verbs to tell the visitor what you want them to do. For example: “buy now”, “save big”, “subscribe today”, and “download it free”.
    * Use graphics or pictures to explain your product, make the image clickable to direct readers to a web page providing more information.
    * Include a sense of urgency. If you’re advertising something that’s on sale write: “Sale ends soon”, “limited time”, “limited offer”, and “expires soon”. People hate to lose out so when you add urgency to your ad, and they will run up to your click-through rate.
    * Offer an Incentive. Give potential customers a reason to click on your ad. Offer a coupon or a gift. People like this.
    * Don’t flood your email with too many offers or links. This can confuse your recipients and can have a negative effect on your sales or campaign performance
    * Study the competitors. Look closely at your competitors strategy. Is there anything that makes them more compelling than your? Don’t copy your competitors, be better.
    * Maintain clean your email list. It is important to maintain a clean mailing list and remove bounced/undeliverable emails.

Using these simple measures be sure that the reader clicks through will increase your profit. Grabbing their attention from the subject will emerge their curiosity and if you get them to open that email you know they are interested. Selling, marketing, or advertising then in that email is essential to ensure that the reader is hooked. Once they have clicked through, you can consider that the hard part is completed.