Email Autoresponders

Email Autoresponders are often used in email marketing. Such programs can capture user sign up, can send out illimitable emails and newsletters, giving a jump start to your online business by getting sales and web traffic. The objective of an autoresponder is not to sell, but to create a better insight among your customers about you and your products and services.

Autoresponders can be used:

    * to send information about your services or products, price lists and FAQ.
    * to send thank you and acknowledgement messages to any customer buying your services or products.
    * if you want to offer your site visitors a special bonus of some kind, such as advice or relevant articles.
    * to advertise your business and then build stable relationships with your customers by using autoresponders.

Types of autoresponders

There are several autoresponders available on the Internet, although they are divided into three main types - remotely hosted, locally hosted, and desktop hosted.

Many marketers prefer locally and desktop hosted that allow you complete control ? as you are running the program on your own site. When you use a remotely hosted program, you can not use your domain name with the autoresponder. Instead, you?ll receive an address from the provider that resembles their link. When you send out emails using your autoresponder, it will display your website email, making it very hard to detect an autoresponder. This can be a great way to use your autoresponder, especially if you don?t want your customers to know that you are using one.
If you use a remotely hosted autoresponder, you send messages with the notice that you are using an autoresponder. In this context you should think that your customers probably wouldn?t want to receive messages from an autoresponder. They will prefer the messages from someone real, giving them complete individual attention. You can find remotely hosted autoresponders all over the Internet; all you have to do is run a search through a search engine like Google or Yahoo.

Whereas locally hosted autoresponders are preferred, they have disadvantages too. Some types will limit how many domains you can install them on. If the vendor doesn?t provide free installation, you could have problems installing the script, it requires some degree of technical experience. Anyway you have complete control of the program.

Desktop hosted autoresponders are also privileged, although they too have disadvantages. Some types will limit the number of the copies you can install on different computers. To get the most productivity, you need a computer that is always connected to the Internet. You?ll also need some experience to set them up, and they aren?t recommended for those who have a large e- mailing lists.
AutoResponder Features

Auto Responders most important feature are:

    * Create an unlimited number of follow-up autoresponder series, each with an unlimited amount of follow-up messages.
    * Personalize your messages with each lead’s name.
    * Create plain text, HTML or multi-part follow-up and broadcasts, and allow your subscribers to choose their preferred format.
    * Edit Subscriber Information.It allows you to edit information about a particular subscriber (their name, address, phone, fax, demographic answers, custom fields, and more. )
    * One click unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails will allow your subscribers to automatically remove their email address from your list or edit their personal information.
    * Automatically remove a subscriber from one list and add them to another.
    * All mailing lists double opt-in mode so you are fully compliant with all spam laws.
    * Export emails in various formats. You can export all emails, only active emails, only archived emails, or run a demographic export on all emails.
    * Import an email list - allows to import a large numbers of emails in a single operation.
    * Setup as many contact databases as you need.
    * Edit autoresponder contact info. Autoresponder allows you to edit your personal contact record (address, email, phone number,etc.).
    * Allows to use as many attachments as you want in the group mailings, follow-up letters and replies.
    * Link Tracking -see how many clicks you get on links in your e-mail using the link tracking.
    * Automatically remove Bounces.
    * Modify autoresponder messages - allows you to create your autoresponder message sequence.
    * Easy to configure and use.